Corporate Interior Design – BAF Training Centre Rawalpindi

Corporate Interior Design – BAF Training Centre Rawalpindi

Style: Creative, Progressive and People-First


Corporate interior design matters. E-banking has revolutionized the banking industry. Bank customers are carrying out everyday transactions on the go. 4G technology has bridged the gaps between customers and banking services like never before. At NZ Architects we believe interior design plays a vital role in shaping customers’ and the workforce’s opinions about the values and goals of the business. We make sure the corporate interior design is at its best. 

The pioneering project that kicked off at the heart of Rawalpindi, the Bank Alfalah training centre office inspires a sense of progressiveness. The interior has been designed to capture the connections between colleagues, breaking down barriers to allow the team to tackle challenges cohesively.

The office combines formal and informal meeting areas, creating a hive for creativity amidst the working environment. Engaging employees in training and learning activities in different spaces, a conference hall for the small and medium audiences, a seminar hall that can be repurposed as a learning or presentation area to the larger audience.

State-of-the-art technology augments the computer lab, networking room or workshop room, and the rest of the office, creating a modern and flexible workspace. The refreshing and innovative atmosphere encourages the employees towards learning and training opportunities.

A comfortable and relaxing workplace highly contributes to the growth and retention of the workforce. Additionally, it cultivates a healthy environment where they learn and put their knowledge and skill to work.

Modern bank interior design includes wide open spaces, less paper more eco-friendly, more use of natural light, electronic displays, and modern storage spaces. Complimentary lighting, use of digital displays, and workstations. Modern trends help to create an accessible workplace, with inviting and appealing interiors that blend with the bank’s signature brand and appeal to both customers and employees.



Project Info: Corporate Interior Design – BAF Training Centre Rawalpindi