Markazi Imam Bargah, Parachinar

Reviving Islamic Architecture in Parachinar

Markazi Imam Bargah & Masjid

More than 100 years old, Markazi Imam Bargah holds the most significant importance not only to the residence of Parachinar but the whole Kurram District. In 2020, Anjuman e Hussainia Parachinar decided to redesign and reconstruct the building to meet modern-day needs. Alhamdulillah, NZ Architects was fortunate to propose the new design in line with the intrinsic values of Islamic Art & Architecture.

Challenges Met:

  • Spacious courtyard and main hall.
  • Dedicated basement floor for females, with proper ventilation and natural light and five dedicated entrances each from every direction. 
  • Improved Accessibility
  • Symmetric design 
  • Finest Touch of Islamic Architecture to preserve its heritage.