Imam Bargah Design – Islamic Architecture – Jhangi Syedan, Islamabad Rawalpindi

In Islamic architecture, light plays an influential role in designing the interiors of mosques and other buildings. According to the Quran, light represents the sanctity of the Almighty and it was one of his very first creations, so natural light is a requisite element in Islamic architecture.
The ornamental designs of Aluminium Cast Jaali strike similar patterns as calligraphy, one of the prime features of Islamic sacred decoration. These Aluminium Cast Jaalis are delicately carved perforated components that mediate the amount of sunlight that enters the room and they are practically necessary, as they filter out the heat and keep the building cool, which is ever important in the Middle East’s brutal weather.
The Muslims mastered the use and design of the arch more than any other civilisation. The passion they had for this motif is due to the regularly mystical/symbolic meanings associated with it, as well as its functional advantages.
Courtesy: Archilovers