Best Architects in Islamabad – Modern City, Modern Architecture

Best Architects in Islamabad – Modern City, Modern Architecture

Are you looking for the best architects in Islamabad? There is no single formula but an expert opinion can help. At the end of this write up we have shared some experts recipes. But first, let’s begin with the basics.  

The Best Architects aims for the perfect balance between form and function. When it comes to construction first thing that comes to mind is design. Architects are designers who imagine and create space. Based on your requirements. Moreover, the basic purpose of a designer is problem-solving. Best Architects aim for the perfect space that inspires living.  

The Best Architects aims for the perfect balance between form and function

Modern Architecture in Islamabad
Pakistan Monument, Islamabad

Pakistan’s Most Modern City

In the 1960s, Pakistan’s first planned & modern city was developed as a new capital. A city that will inspire town planners for decades to come. During the last two decades, Islamabad has become a hotspot for investors, job seekers and the corporate sector. Indeed, beauty gets doubled when nature is combined with modern architecture

“Beauty gets doubled when nature is combined with modern architecture”.

1 Kanal Modern House Design in Islamabad
1 Kanal Modern House Design in Islamabad

Top Architects & Modern City

Recently, the city’s demand for modern architecture has fueled the construction industry. Hence, driving its ambitious projections for the future. Residential projects of different sizes are trending. That said, almost everyone is looking for the best architects in Islamabad to design their new home or a commercial project.

Best Architects in Islamabad means Good Business

It pays to hire the best architects. He or she listens to your needs and aspirations carefully and design the best possible space through his/her prowess. A well-design space stays forever. Furthermore, hiring an honest and professional architect pays. As a result, you get a clear picture of the end product early on. So, there are no hidden costs or unexpected results in the end. 

Good design is good business

Google can help you with a list of architects in Islamabad. The question now is how to single out a few as the best architects in Rawalpindi Islamabad. Consequently, listed below are expert criteria for hiring a good architect. 

Modern Plaza Design in Islamabad
Modern Plaza Design in Islamabad

Your 5 Check-List Guide for searching for the best architects in Islamabad

1. Credentials and Experience

Apart from a degree in Architecture having accreditation from the Pakistan Council of Architects and Town Planners is a basic requirement.  Additionally, licenses from regulatory authorities such as CDA, RDA, Bahria Town and DHA is a must. Getting a list of approved architects on the internet isn’t that difficult. Apart from this, experience is mandatory especially for the type of project you have in mind. 

2. Work Ethics & Accessibility

An able, earnest and honest professional is what makes the one of the best architects in Islamabad you are looking for. Secondly, there are many architects in Islamabad Rawalpindi, but the best for you is the most accessible. In other words, if you are living in B-17 finding architects in DHA Islamabad might not be a good idea. 

3. Clients & Reviews

Another important characteristic of a good architect’s profile is his clientele and reviews. The more positive reviews online the better. Architectural firms in Islamabad nowadays do have a Facebook and Google profile, do visit them and see how they are interacting there. 

4. Understanding

The most important part is the communication between you and your architect. Hiring an architect is like having a partner. Therefore it’s better that there is ample understanding between both parties. Good understanding leads to good results. 

5. Deliverables & Timeline

Last but not the least, ask for deliverables and a timeline. It is important to decide upon the deliverables from the very beginning. Ask for the list of services and deliverables and an ETA. Keep in mind Architect cost in Islamabad can vary, depending upon the deliverables and scope of work. 

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